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Why Dental Implants are Better than Crowns

Repairing or replacing a tooth can often seem like a daunting experience for a patient. Many times you can be left with the choice of replacing a damaged tooth with a dental crown or simply replacing it with a dental implant. While tooth crowning is a viable option for some, the benefits of tooth implants are plentiful and undeniable. When considering the future health of your teeth, consider these benefits of choosing dental implants over crowns.

Permanence of Dental Implants

Since dental crowns are cemented onto the remainder of a pre existing tooth, they can often come loose or come off entirely when eating certain foods. With dental implants, the patient doesn’t have to worry about the permanence of their new tooth. An implanted tooth is an artificial structure that is put in place by a specialist with a small screw anchored to the jawbone, giving the tooth a solid foundation and natural feel. These new teeth, with proper care, will last much longer than any dental crown and will not fall out.

Higher Self-Confidence

Choosing dental implants over tooth crowning equally impacts different aspects of your teeth as well as your own self-confidence. A tooth crown can often appear to be a different shade of white from your pre existing teeth, making it seem less natural and an unwanted catching of the eye. Dental implants will match the exact color of your teeth. This way, it is nearly impossible for those around you to tell the difference between a natural tooth. Implants also fit in your mouth more comfortably, and over time you may even forget that it’s an artificial tooth. Lastly, tooth crowning has also been linked to certain speech issues such as lisps or drawls. Dental implants fit so naturally into your set of teeth that your speech will remain unaffected in most cases.

Better Oral Health

Tooth crowning typically requires shaving the affected tooth down to fit the crown. This leaves the tooth irreversibly tarnished and will require another crown when the original inevitably falls out. By choosing dental implants, you don’t have to worry about tarnished teeth or overcrowding. Dental implants are specifically designed to fit into your row of natural teeth without affecting anything around it. While the concept of surgery may be intimidating, we are here to prepare you for dental implants Allentown and Bethlehem  make the experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Less Time Consuming

While dental implants in the past may have been a lengthy procedure, technological advancements have considerably shortened the process. Those who are eligible may choose the Teeth-In-An-Hour™ option. With the restorative doctor and surgeon collaborating, they are able to use a preliminary CAT scan to plan the procedure, design the tooth implant, and perform the procedure in much quicker fashion than ever before. This leads to both less chair time and less postoperative discomfort for the patient, making it a more pleasurable experience overall. With dental crowns, a patient will most likely have to schedule 2 to 3 visits, one to remove tooth damage, another to set up the tooth for the crown, and a possible third to implant the actual dental crown. With a dental implant from St. Luke’s, many patients can resume their typical day to day activities the next day.

Thinking About Dental Implants?

If you’re thinking about choosing dental implants, then St. Luke’s OMS is here for you. With 4 convenient locations in Eastern Pennsylvania, we are always accepting new patients who want to better their life with improved oral health. We have been providing the surrounding area with successful and affordable dental implants for years, and continue to offer the same level of service to all patients in need. Set up an appointment today and begin your journey to a healthier and more confident smile!