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Can Your Dentist Help with Sleep Apnea?


Sleep is one of the most important human needs and sleeping badly can have a negative impact on how you feel and function each day. Sleep apnea is a disorder which causes someone to wake up over and over throughout the night. Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type of the disorder and it [...]

Can Your Dentist Help with Sleep Apnea?2020-12-15T15:08:22+00:00

How To Treat Swollen Gums


Learn remedies for pain relief and more. If you currently have swollen gums or you have experienced this issue in the past, you know how painful of an experience it can be. Swollen gums are often caused by gingivitis and can cause bleeding, loss of teeth or the receding of gums if not treated in [...]

How To Treat Swollen Gums2020-11-17T21:19:30+00:00

Why Dental Treatment is Important for Your Overall Health


Did you know that maintaining good oral care for your teeth and gums not only helps create a beautiful appearance, but it can also affect other areas of your overall health? Maintaining your oral care and getting necessary dental treatments when you should will help enhance your life, comfort, eating, and speaking. Preventative dental treatments [...]

Why Dental Treatment is Important for Your Overall Health2020-09-24T17:31:04+00:00

Tooth Restoration & You


  5 Types of Tooth Restoration & How They Can Improve Your Oral Health Even if you don’t have a perfect smile, you have no reason to worry. These days, there are plenty of ways to bring your smile back to its former glory - or even make it look better than ever before! Here [...]

Tooth Restoration & You2020-07-16T12:03:41+00:00

How to Properly Care for Your Teeth in Between Cleanings


We are all familiar with that clean feeling we feel after we have our teeth cleaned by our dentists. But how can we ensure we keep our teeth clean in between our routine cleaning visits? There are a variety of things that you can do to keep your teeth and mouth feeling clean. Here are [...]

How to Properly Care for Your Teeth in Between Cleanings2020-07-16T12:05:34+00:00

The Importance of Routine Dental Checkups


Make an Investment in Your Physical & Mental Health Nothing is more important for your oral health than daily care like brushing your teeth and flossing at home. This is followed closely by routine cleanings and checkups with an experienced and knowledgeable dentist. Even the most diligent person can experience problems with their teeth, and [...]

The Importance of Routine Dental Checkups2020-07-16T12:06:44+00:00

What to Expect from Your Jaw Surgery


What to Expect from Your Jaw Surgery When someone’s teeth don’t meet or their jaw is misaligned, and simpler orthodontic solutions aren’t enough to correct the problem, jaw surgery may be necessary. A misaligned jaw may make it difficult to speak and chew and can result in dental issues, as the misalignment can cause a [...]

What to Expect from Your Jaw Surgery2020-07-16T12:17:00+00:00

What are Hybrid Implants?


What are Hybrid Implants? While there are a variety of dental replacement options, the costs of certain procedures limit patients’ choices. With the introduction of hybrid implants, patients have begun choosing this solution for their tooth replacement needs. Hybrid Implants offer patients an affordable yet comfortable option for replacing missing or old teeth. These specific [...]

What are Hybrid Implants?2020-07-16T12:20:41+00:00

When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth


When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth The human mouth is designed to hold a certain number of teeth, all in one very specific place to serve a very specific function. While most of us grow 32 teeth, the average mouth can only comfortably make room for 28. The four teeth that make the difference typically [...]

When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth2020-02-05T16:54:48+00:00

Tips to Prepare For & Recover From Your Dental Surgery


Tips to Prepare For & Recover From Your Dental Surgery Are you gearing up for a dental procedure? The best way to minimize your recovery period and to have a successful surgery is to follow proper preparation and recovery tips. Below, we cover all the steps you should take before and after you go in [...]

Tips to Prepare For & Recover From Your Dental Surgery2020-01-14T14:20:26+00:00