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How to Prevent Oral Cancer


Knowing how to prevent oral cancer is just as important as being able to identify and understand the symptoms and warning signs of this deadly disease. Oral cancer can occur either in the mouth or in the throat. And, while many cases are treatable, this type of cancer has quite a high fatality rate when [...]

How to Prevent Oral Cancer2021-05-19T08:37:35+00:00

How We Identify and Treat an Impacted Tooth


    An impacted tooth can be incredibly uncomfortable. And in some cases, it can also lead to additional (and serious) oral health complications, including tooth decay and infection, cavities, cysts, and gum disease. For this reason, it’s important that we identify impacted teeth as quickly as possible—and treat them rapidly to prevent symptoms from [...]

How We Identify and Treat an Impacted Tooth2021-04-05T09:22:35+00:00

How Do I Choose the Right Oral Surgeon Near Me?


The time has come and you need an oral surgeon. Perhaps your bi-annual dental visit – yes, you’re supposed to go to the dentist twice a year – has revealed a more complicated health issue, such as wisdom teeth needing to be removed. Maybe you experienced facial trauma. Or maybe you need surgery to relieve [...]

How Do I Choose the Right Oral Surgeon Near Me?2019-01-04T14:56:38+00:00
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