The Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at St. Luke’s L.L.C. believes in giving back to the community.
The doctor’s and staff at St. Luke’s OMS are strong advocates of helping those in need.  St. Luke’s OMS is consistently sponsoring charity events, donating to non-profit organizations, participating in community outreach programs, and much more. Patients are proud that when they choose St. Luke’s OMS, they are choosing their community!

St. Luke’s OMS sponsors Senior Citizen events throughout the community. In December, the St. Luke’s OMS team sponsored the Parkland Senior Citizen Dinner that reached over 1,600 seniors, thanking them for their support of public education.

This year, St. Luke’s OMS was a Couture Sponsor for Fashion for a Cause. This Annual Fashion show raises funds for a community wellness initiative that provide ongoing support for additional trail walks, guest speakers and new challenges to engage 2,400+ participants become healthier.

With the support of large organizations and sponsorships, a school’s Athletic programs are able to thrive! This year, St. Luke’s OMS sponsored Parkland High School, which hosts hundreds of games for sports teams throughout the community and district every year!

Participating in sports encourages students throughout the year, and plays a key role in character development. By donating to the Freedom Patriots, St. Luke’s OMS is able to help students attain the ability to participate!

Large sporting events in the area help to bring the community together. This year, the Liberty Hurricanes had the St. Luke’s OMS team as a sponsor. The Hurricanes can continue hosting sporting events and making the community a better place!