St. Luke’s OMS is dedicated to providing top quality care to all patients searching for first-rate dental assistance. The staff at St. Luke’s OMS instills trustworthy and reliable service for residents in multiple cities, no matter where you happen to call home. Our offices welcome those living near Eastern Pennsylvania’s other prominent cities – as well as Lehigh Valley locals. We want to extend our reach and continue to deliver high caliber service to those in need of dependable dental care. The current St. Luke’s OMS locations in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Stroudsburg are a gentle and safe environment for clients within any proximity to our practices.


Comprehensive Dental Services Near You

St. Luke’s OMS administers a large range of services for patients in need of specialized dental care. Our priority is to improve and maintain your long-term oral health. Dental implants are one of the expansive services detailed at our four St. Luke’s locations to ensure comfort and confidence. The simple procedure will give patients a practical replacement to lost or damaged teeth. Implants are one the many exceptional benefits a patient can find with St. Luke’s OMS. Other services provided through our four Eastern Pennsylvania office locations include the following.



Oral Surgery Near Scranton, PA

Our Lehigh Valley locations see quite a few of local faces, but our services are also available to those near Scranton, Pennsylvania seeking dental care. Our office locations are a bit distant from Scranton, but don’t let a farther drive deter you from quality service.


Oral Surgery Near Reading, PA

Residents living near Reading, Pennsylvania are free to take advantage of our first-rate dental care as well! We’re just one phone call and drive away from an experience you won’t regret.


Oral Surgery Near Hazelton, PA

If you’re looking for an experienced staff and board certified surgeons for your dental care, look no further than St. Luke’s OMS. We welcome residents living near Hazelton, Pennsylvania to visit any of our four Lehigh Valley locations for oral surgery with outstanding results.


Oral Surgery Near Wilkes-Barre, PA

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania residents who’re looking for reliable oral surgery within reasonable driving distance should contact St. Luke’s OMS. We service residents living throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and are happy to be your number one, non-local, oral surgery provider.


Oral Surgery Near Bloomsburg, PA

Searching for dental surgery is a decision that cannot be made overnight. You’ll want the best possible dental service available. Even if Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania is a decent ride away, contacting St. Luke’s OMS today will provide the best oral care nearest you.


Oral Surgeons and Dental Specialists at St. Luke’s OMS

St. Luke’s OMS is proud to serve clients living throughout Eastern Pennsylvania near and far. Although we’re based out of Lehigh Valley, our easily accessible locations provide convenient travel for patients living farther away. No one should be denied dental care based on where they live. St. Luke’s OMS doesn’t exclusively serve or advocate for specific regions, nor do we rule a patient as out of reach. If you’re living outside of Lehigh Valley area and need particular dental care, St. Luke’s offers distinguished aid to those seeking exemplary service. To learn more about us and how to schedule an appointment, please contact the leading oral health clinic at St. Luke’s OMS.