What are Hybrid Implants?

Hybrid Implant

While there are a variety of dental replacement options, the costs of certain procedures limit patients’ choices. With the introduction of hybrid implants, patients have begun choosing this solution for their tooth replacement needs. Hybrid Implants offer patients an affordable yet comfortable option for replacing missing or old teeth. These specific implants are designed to replace a whole row of teeth and gum tissue while providing additional support in its fixed positioning.

The innovation of hybrid implants consists of two sections: the implant and the prosthetic crown, hence the name hybrid implant. The implants themselves come in a group of four and are fused in place with multiple titanium posts that are connected to your jaw for permanent support. The prosthetic is designed from different materials to match your natural teeth shape and is then secured on top of the posts.

When it comes time to decide whether to choose traditional implants or hybrid implants, its important to know the differences. Below are a few main pros and cons of the traditional & hybrid implant.


Traditional Implants are typically fabricated using porcelain and acrylic for a durable and more natural look than dentures. Hybrid Implants provide a variety of available options from quality titanium, acrylic & zirconia, all with different durability. This option is also tailored to fit your previous teeth and match your natural look.

Durability & Comfort 

Traditional Implants & Hybrid Implants are similar in their installation, each with a titanium post that is fused with the jaw. Typically, traditional implants are designed for a by-the-tooth basis while the hybrid implants use multiple posts to secure either sections of teeth or whole rows. Dental implants can be maintained around 10-15 years with regular dental check-ups, before wear and tear.

Affordability –

Implants themselves are considered a long-term investment in your health. Traditional dental implants can cost an average of $1,500 per tooth, while hybrid implants can cost less than $10,000 for the whole mouth.

Overall Health –

Both Traditional Implants & Hybrid Implants are created as a permanent solution for teeth. After the posts are established with the jaw, a prosthetic will be secured 3-6 months later. Regular brushing and cleaning are still recommended as food can occasionally get behind the teeth.

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