What to Expect from Your Jaw Surgery

jaw surgery

When someone’s teeth don’t meet or their jaw is misaligned, and simpler orthodontic solutions aren’t enough to correct the problem, jaw surgery may be necessary. A misaligned jaw may make it difficult to speak and chew and can result in dental issues, as the misalignment can cause a severe underbite or overbite.

What Will Jaw Surgery Do?

Jaw surgery is used to change the alignment of your jaw so anyone receiving this type of surgery can expect their appearance to change. Our jaws grow slowly over time, while jaw surgery causes immediate, and sometimes dramatic, changes. Any facial changes may be jarring to see at first, but the results will provide you with a properly aligned jaw that allows you to breathe, speak, chew, and function normally.

If you turn to the experts at St. Lukes OMS, we can help you determine if you are a good candidate for jaw surgery and if it’s necessary for your health. Once we’ve met with you and completed facial x-rays and computer video imaging, we can discuss your upcoming surgery and our approach. Knowing what to expect from the process will help prepare you for how you will look and feel once you have healed.

How To Prepare For Jaw Surgery

Before your surgery, be sure to include plenty of soft foods or hearty liquids on your grocery list. A pantry full of broth, yogurt, and other soft foods will be essential during the healing process. When it comes to what you can eat directly before the surgery and how long you can expect the recovery process to take, our team can give you all the information you need to feel fully prepared.

As with any surgery, you should arrange for a trusted family member or friend to bring you safely home following the surgery. You should also write down any questions you have about medication you’re currently taking or medication you may be prescribed after the procedure.

No matter your reasons for needing jaw surgery, the team at St. Lukes OMS will be there with you every step of the way. Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help.