When to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Patient in pain, needing wisdom teeth removal

The human mouth is designed to hold a certain number of teeth, all in one very specific place to serve a very specific function. While most of us grow 32 teeth, the average mouth can only comfortably make room for 28. The four teeth that make the difference typically grow in last, and often need to be removed.

When wisdom teeth grow into your mouth comfortably, there is often no need for surgical intervention. If you are not one of the lucky few that don’t require extraction or removal, however, it may be time to consult an oral surgeon. Below are a few other indicators that it may be time to remove your wisdom teeth:

Dental Shifting – If your teeth suddenly begin to shift or spear as if they are squeezing together to save space, your wisdom teeth may be pushing them to do so. When this is the case, patients often experience pain and disruption to previous dental work.

Changes in Alignment If you notice that your jaw and bite do not feel the way they have in the past, it’s likely that something has shifted out of place in your mouth. If this is the case, it’s always safe to consult with a dental surgeon.

Inflamed and Sensitive Gums – When your mouth is hard at work making room for new teeth, and when the old teeth move quickly to help make that room, your gums can often pay the price. If you’ve noticed that your gums have become more sensitive and swollen, your wisdom teeth may be causing that issue.

Jaw Pain – Overcrowding in the mouth can put stress on your jaw, creating irritation to the TMJ and potentially resulting in cysts and further pain. If this pain begins to happen to you, it is always best to handle it head-on so that more extensive issues have no room to develop.

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